Sunday, 23 June 2013

Festival Update: :)

So just to update you on my festival status:
  1. "The Galway Fleadh" : Galway, Ireland.
  2. "The Electric Lantern Festival" : Kent, England
  3. "The International Short Festival of Uruguay" : Uruguay.
  4. "The No Gloss Film Festival" : Leeds, England. 
  5. "WorldKids International Film Festival" :  India.
  6.  "Golden Orchid International Animation Festival": Pennsylvania, USA.
  7. Invited to submit to "New York International Childrens Film Festival" with fee waived.
  8. "Animae Caribe Festival" in Trinidad and Tobago.
  9. "Blackrock Animation Festival" Dublin.
  10. "Cork Indie Festival" : Cork.
  11. "Waterford Film Festival" : Waterford.
  12. "International Animation Festival" : Syros Island in Greece.
  13.  "Womens Film Festival" in Columbia. 
Proud of my little film I am :)

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